[kwlug-disc] Upcoming presentations

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Thu Nov 8 14:33:33 EST 2012

Here is my understanding of the presentations people generously
offered during the last KWLUG Meeting. I have also included my
understandings of timeslots. Please correct my misunderstandings
and/or submit some teasers for the website: 

- Adam: Troubleshooting for beginners (not scheduled? January?)
- Gordon: Linux for the in-laws (March?)
- Tim: LDAP for small organizations (April)
- Brent: Making a podcast on no budget (not scheduled? May?)
- John Kerr: Raspberry PI (not scheduled?)
- Colin: High-quality audio archiving (not scheduled?)

I also do not have a good sense of presentation lengths, so if the
presentations take half the meeting then we have some space. 

We are definitely looking for a half-meeting beginner-friendly
presentation for January (and I guess something for December). 

- Paul


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