[kwlug-disc] Presentation needed for December

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Wed Nov 7 11:26:47 EST 2012

Stephen contacted me to let me know that he has another commitment the
week of the KWLUG meeting, and won't be able to present TOR that
month. That means we need a presentation or a set of presentations to
cover the slot. 

I would prefer that we actually schedule a presentation rather than
defaulting to a social night or swap meet, but some things are out of
my control. 

If you have something you could present for December then you would be
a hero. 

One idea that has been floating around is to put together
a panel of people who make their livings working with open source
(whether the end product is open source or not). Khalid gave a
presentation on this some time ago, but having a panel that
illustrates the diversity of ways people could make their livings
could be fun. I think that a month's organization time might not be
enough to get this together, however. (If you fit the criteria and
would be willing to be on the panel then you could still let us know,
and we could organize something for March or later.) 

- Paul


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