[kwlug-disc] OT: Looking for a laptop technician

Tudor Holton tudor at tudorholton.com
Wed May 23 12:44:29 EDT 2012

The place was Notebook Galaxy on Weber St near the Columbia/Lancaster 
intersection.   I was told specifically to ask for Vincent, and he 
certainly looked at my laptop and called me twice but I never met him 
(he doesn't own the place).  I was looked after by the other guy there  
(possibly the owner) both when I dropped it off and picked it up.

I was weary about advertising on KWLUG particularly since Cedric sent 
an email to me privately.  But I'm very happy to recommend their 
services!  Their usual minimum fee is $40, and Cedric told me that 
frequently that's all they'll charge + parts costs if required.  I 
certainly got that impression.


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