[kwlug-disc] Streaming Media Player for Web TV

Tudor Holton tudor at tudorholton.com
Thu May 3 00:19:26 EDT 2012

Hello ppl!

I have a special client (my partner's parents) who want a device that 
will play streaming content from their favourite TV networks websites 
(CTV, Global, City, etc.) directly to their HDMI TV via a 10-foot interface.

There seem to be a few media players that will play netflix and such 
and, at the moment, we play all their content for them via an Android 
tablet, so we know it can be done using Linux.  But, to be honest, it's 
a bit fiddly for them. (Not to mention confusing for people over 60.)

I've also looked at the Neuros Link, which is an Ubuntu 10.04 box with 
what appears to be Boxee installed.  It claims that one can access US TV 
network sites because of Boxee, but I don't know whether Boxee would let 
them watch specifically Canadian web tv content.

Does anyone have any recommendations regarding players for Internet TV 
content?  (Preferably that works well on a 10-foot interface.)


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