[kwlug-disc] Appgen = MyBooks Professional?

William Park opengeometry at yahoo.ca
Tue Mar 27 11:44:23 EDT 2012

Appgen has Windows GUI client which is what most of our customers
use.  But, I won't go into GUI side, because (1) it's Windows
software, (2) it's silly marketing distraction, (3) we don't use

GUI to write customer's business logic.

My talk will focus on (1) the underlying data structure and Appgen's
implementation of it, (2) giving you a glimpse of a real-life
example of Linux frontend POS and backend accounting.  Hopefully,
this will stimulate interest in this "untapped" market. :-)


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> So ... appgen is MyBooks Professional, and it is erp software?
> appgen.com seems pretty sparse to me, are there other links out there as 
> to what it's all about that you've found useful?
> On 03/26/2012 10:54 AM, William Park wrote:
>>  Hmm... it's not an open-source and it's not free.  I offered
>>  to talk about it, because it's the only Linux application in
>>  ERP area, other than SAP/Oracle at the top.  Does KWLUG
>>  require that the presentation topic has to be free/open-source?
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>>>  Browsing next month's meeting page, http://kwlug.org/,
>>>  there is a reference to appgen at http://appgen.com/.
>>>  When I go there, I have no impression that it's FOSS.
>>>  Poking about there, everything seems to point towards MyBooks
>>>  Professional.
>>>  Earlier list messages talked about appgen as ERP software.
>>>  Can someone square this circle?

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