[kwlug-disc] Troubleshooting Asterisk disconnects

Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Fri Mar 23 16:04:42 EDT 2012

I know there are more than a few asterisk users here.

I'm partially switched over to VOIP. The plan was to become familiar
with my chosen software & hardware, then migrate the landline number
to a VOIP provider. Unfortunately, I've been having some WAF issues
that have prevented me from switching completely. Here is my current

- 1x Linksys-branded SPA3102 with FXO and FXS ports.
- 1x Askozia asterisk server
- 1x normal cordless phone connected to the SPA3102
- 1x service through landline via SPA3102 (this is the primary line
due to it being "our" phone number), accessed as SIP in asterisk.
- 1x service through unlimitel, accessed as AIX in asterisk.

However, occasionally calls will disconnect, usually with an
ear-piercing chirping noise. I have not observed any issues with the
unlimitel side, leading me to believe it is a physical line or SPA3102
issue. However, my inbound calls are primarily on the landline number,
so there is a significant difference in call volume and usage time, so
I can not definitively say that.

Plugging directly into the landline appears to avoid the issue, thus
(probably?) eliminating the line and the phone themselves as the
issue. That leaves asterisk, the hardware it runs on, the SPA3102, and
potential mis-configuration as issues.

I moved my askozia server from the dedicated Wyse 3150 to a VM, as
that was an easy quick step (which also took care of a software update
at the same time), but that appears to have not solved anything.

Before I start any big changes, I thought I'd reach out for help due
to my limited experience.

Is there an easy way to log where a call terminates from? Is there any
information I can pull from the 3102 that might be helpful?

Unfortunately I can't predict when a call will disconnect, so logging
seems to be the best route.

Chris Irwin
<chris at chrisirwin.ca>

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