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The Fibernetics POPs are the Bell Central Offices (CO's), so they are on Water Street in Kitchener, and McCormic in Waterloo.

They do not have the ability to do remote boxes (like Bell and Rogers do) so they are inevitably going to be limited to core areas of good service, with a halo of dodgy service, and then big gaps of a whole lot of nothing.

As a result, their model is to use the CO co-located gear where possible, and resell Bell Nexxia and Rogers cable everywhere else, under the same terms that everyone else has to resell those services under.

If they start being able to remote boxes, then things will be able to improve for them, but the difficulty they will always face is being able to finance the very high costs of rolling out such infrastructure.  Eg: they will never be able to win the mass market on entirely their own gear.


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That is interesting. I did not know that yak used the Fibernetics 
backbone as well.

Does anyone know where the Fibernetics POPs are located in KW?

I am on Teksavvy DSL right now, but been having trouble with the 
connection and working through what my options are. (i.e., they fix it, 
or move to their cable, or move to someone else entirely)

The trouble might be related to distance, as we are apparently close to 
the edge of the 5km radius from the Bell office. Eyesurf might be an 
alternative, but it seems to kind of mystery if it would be better or not.


On 23/05/12 09:17 PM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 07:01:09PM -0400, unsolicited wrote:
>> One way or the other you are supporting Bell / Rogers, be it dry
>> loop fees, or whatever they call the cable equivalent.
> Yak and Eyesurf both use the Fibernetics backbone, as far as I know. I
> guess they are paying Bell for the last mile stuff, but to me they
> seem a lot less lucrative for Ma Bell than resellers like Teksavvy.
> - Paul
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