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On Jun 23, 2012 4:14 AM, "Bob Jonkman" <bjonkman at sobac.com> wrote:
> Similar arguments were made in the USA when the DMCA was passed about
> 10 years ago.  Court cases involving toner cartridges[1] and garage
> door openers[2] were needed before these types of devices were granted
> their own exemptions under the US copyright laws.
> Since Bill C-11 is a close copy of the DMCA, I expect similar legal
> issues will arise in Canada.

We have WIPO (use control) plus DMCA (access controls) in C-11, with the
DMCA restrictions being the stronger of the two. Which is which matters in
the act as you'll see prohibitions only applying to use controls and other
things only applying to access controls.   A bit of a complex mess -- fine
for computer geeks like us to navigate, but will be impossible for most
people to understand (turn out, including the MPs and Senators at
committees, etc).

  We shouldn't wait for years to be pushing -- make sure your MP knows
about these issues and is aware that the rule-making process will need to
start right away.  You can be certain that the non-copyright related legal
threats and potential lawsuits will be starting right away.

  Politicians are also heading directly into ACTA and TPP which requires
more onerous anti-circumvention than the nasty stuff already in C-11.

BTW: the more you speak of things having to do with restrictions on general
purpose technology, and the more you stay away from the largely separate
distraction known as "copyright", the faster we'll get some of the worst of
this fixed (or at least have a better chance of helping it not get worse).
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