[kwlug-disc] Printer Question.

Andrew Kohlsmith (mailing lists account) aklists at mixdown.ca
Fri Jun 22 21:30:00 EDT 2012

On 2012-06-22, at 9:25 PM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> The counters are not trying to prevent you from copying the printer or
> even the toner cartridge. Is the argument that this is somehow an
> access control? 

I'm sure it can and will be argued that the counters prevent you from copying the protection mechanism the company uses to prevent counterfeit toner cartridges from potentially damaging your printer.  That's part of the nasty part of the law. It's easy to stretch the meaning and it takes a decent judge (and appeal judge) to interpret it in a way that doesn't end up hamstringing us even more than C11 was intended to.


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