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On 12-06-20 04:41 PM, Chris Frey wrote:
> I found this post recently about a competitor to Raspberry PI, and figured
> the link was worth sharing. I have not tried either one, so your mileage
> may vary.
> http://advogato.org/person/ralsina/diary/563.html

I've got a similar device on order. Same CPU/etc, but only has one USB
port (although it has an additional USB OTG port that can be used as a
host, if not used for power), and HDMI out.

Apparently there is a build of Puppy and Ubuntu that will run on this,
if Android is not suitable. My plan was to leave android on and use this
as my TV device (both LAN streaming and netflix), instead of the PS3. I
can get chat notifications, voice mail (email thanks to asterisk), and
other features right on my TV.


It appears to be enjoying it's life on the high-seas, though, and is
still somewhere between Hong Kong and here.

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