[kwlug-disc] Linux floorplans: solved

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Sun Jun 3 00:34:49 EDT 2012

How cool is it to be able to make a floorplan, and move your furniture
around on it?  Pretty cool.  Especially if your furniture is heavy.
Much better to move that stuff on paper, rather than by force.  My
previous attempts to make floorplans in Linux revolved around GIMP and
many layers.  it wasn't ideal.

I had reason to want to make another floorplan recently and The Fine
Search lead me to SweetHome3D


This. Is. Cool.

Floorplans? Check.
Furniture? Check.
3D aerial view?  Check.  Woo woo!
3D virtual walk through?  Oh yeah!
Custom colours, paint and flooring?  Yup.

Pretty awesome.  I'm only just scratching the surface with this thing
and I can see that it would be indispensable for a designer or

GPL.  java.  Runs on Linux, and other stuff.

Best regards,

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