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Bob the major factor in my decision to buy a Blackberry was the fact that when I bought a cheap handset from Factory Direct years ago I had no problem synchronizing and accessing it from my Linux box.

Interestingly I know of at least one model of Android that uses MTP for transfer. A Linux phone using a Microsoft protocol.

And I knew if I really got stuck with the BB I always had Berry... Also wanted to support local business.


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I would consider a device that's being sold at two different price
points, but my comparison shopping would be between devices with
equivalent unlockable/rootable capabilities.  The non-rootable device
wouldn't merit any consideration, even if it's cheaper.

FWIW, I did buy a new phone last year, and only looked at Android
devices.  I didn't even look at Apple and RIM products.  I might have
considered an OpenMoko phone if they were still being sold and developed.

- --Bob.

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