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On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 6:17 PM, Bob Jonkman <bjonkman at sobac.com> wrote:

> To be fair, when the three major players entered the market there was
> only CDMA and GSM, and then the "2G" higher frequencies.  The new
> frequencies for UTMS/HSPA were only auctioned to the new providers,
> who are the only ones to need the multi-frequency handsets.

Well, fragmentation was there even with initial GSM deployment. For
example, the two frequencies used around the world were not the same ones
that we had in North America. They were off by just a little.

Only after we got Quad band handsets would a phone I use here still work in
Europe and Africa, ...etc.

Some frequencies are just in North America: e.g. the one used by WIND,
which is the same as T-Mobile.

The three major players aren't likely to acquire multi-frequency
> handsets.  They'll claim it's to keep handset costs lower, but I think
> it's to prevent their handsets from being unlocked and used on the new
> carriers' networks.

That is true.

But there is another barrier: the contract. Why is that not enough? You
want a contract Mr Customer? Pay the full price of the handset, or buy your
own off Kijiji. Done!

> All in all, I'd rather see the new frequencies assigned to new
> carriers (and so, handset incompatibility) rather than the major
> players monopolizing the new spectrum and stifling competition.

It is bad either way. Standards are there for a reason. To justify thwarting
standards under any excuse allows them to continue doing it.

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