[kwlug-disc] Running Ubuntu 1-4 in a VM on Windows

Michael Savage msavage at golden.net
Tue Jul 3 10:31:42 EDT 2012

I have a Windows 7/64 Bit machine with 4G ram, 1G HDD. My virtual 
machine is VMWare

I downloaded the 64 bit desk top version of Ubuntu.

I created a VM called Ubuntu, and installed via the iso image I downloaded.
(All of this was done graphically.) I set aside 2G RAM, and 50G HDD 
space for the VM.

Now when I try to run the VM, the following happens. ...
I get a message that ends with "Please wait for the graphical 
environment to launch."

So I wait this is what happens.
Starting AppArmor profiles.
Skipping profile...
Down to * checking Battery state -Which is ok.

It hangs at:
/etc/rc.local: ./run_upgrader.sh: not found

It waits here for about a minute and then the screen goes blank and does 

I can login with my name and password and get $ prompt of Ubuntu, but I 
really would prefer to use the graphical environment to start.

What is happening and how can it be corrected?


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