[kwlug-disc] Private Cloud

jvj at golden.net jvj at golden.net
Thu Jan 19 12:20:51 EST 2012

 My 2c.

 For those of us who recall working with the 3-sickly of mainframe fame, 
 I see the 'cloud' as a sort of return to mainframe style of hosted apps 
 and storage and 'dumb' terminals with the latter being the users' PCs.

 The users' PC would be 'tethered' to the host cloud either through the 
 'net (incl WiFi). The cloud-hosted apps could have optional access to 
 local storage.

 There should be no need to return to punched cards though.

 All kidding aside: William mentioned collaboration with the mention of 
 the 'same document'. This could be the 'killer app' w/cloud computing.


 On Thu, 19 Jan 2012 08:08:22 -0800 (PST), William Park 
 <opengeometry at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> I don't think people know what is "cloud" exactly.  I personally 
> don't.
> Is it Web enabled app like Google app?  Is it distributed storage?
> Is it some sort of network mount?  Or, is it an Office app which 
> allow
> many people to work on the same document?

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