[kwlug-disc] Linux literacy: passing the reins?

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Thu Jan 19 00:55:58 EST 2012

So the first ever KW FreeSkool "Linux Literacy" course had its final
session of classes yesterday. 

The course went reasonably well. People seemed interested and there
was pretty good attendance throughout the 11 weeks. Several
participants did "exploration projects" which they presented to the
class during the final two sessions. It seems that at least a few
people transitioned to using Linux regularly. 

It would be nice to keep the momentum going, but I don't think I have
the energy to run another 11 week session right now. Hence, my
request: would anybody out in KWLUG-land be interested in doing some
introductory Linux training?  You could base a course off of my
materials (which I have released under a CC-BY-SA licence) or you
could develop your own. You could keep the course 10-11 sessions, or
do a brief 3-4 session "Linux for Newbies" primer. I could serve as a
sounding board and/or share my experiences if you want. Such a class
could be facilitated by a single person or a small group. 

There has been some call for another session. I know there are people
who are not being served well by KWLUG meetings who would be
interested in a gentle introduction to Linux. 

The deadline for making project proposals in the KW FreeSkool
framework is tight (technically it is Friday, but they will probably
accept proposals by Monday). You don't need to use such a framework,
of course. 

I also think that the Python course people were talking about would be
a great candidate for a course. 

If you're interested you can reply to the list, reply to me
personally, or just contact the FreeSkool people directly.

- Paul


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