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On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 02:34:20PM -0500, Chris Irwin wrote:
> I've had a data catastrophe, which was averted without any issue (but
> not without panic and worry) thanks to TestDisk.
> I deleted all my partitions, instead of all my *unused* partitions. One
> of which was an LVM physical volume, housing my *current* root
> filesytem. Test Disk was able to scan the disk and detect the original
> partition and recreate the partition entry for it, preserving the
> partition (and the data on it).
> The author, Christophe Grenier, also has a somewhat related utility
> called PhotoRec, which does a similar operation for files. It can scan a
> disk and recover files, even in cases where the filesystem is corrupted!
> (combined with dd_rescue, it can recover from failing disks as well)
> I've used it to rescue photos from damaged SD cards in the past, as well
> as a USB disk that was reformatted by accident.
> These utilities have saved myself a lot of headaches (and once
> registered me as a miracle-worker with a previous boss). I've created a
> nomination entry on the website:
>    http://kwlug.org/node/857

Great nomination. Photorec has worked some miracles for me too, and I
did not even know it was open source. I have added the nomination to
the queue. Unfortunately according to the rules greedy old Andrew gets
the March slot, but you get April. 

- Paul

I fully support that nomination, Me, my father and a few friends have been very happy when they find that their files can be recovered.
When it is my kids friends (or gf) I always provide the standard disclaimer "It will recover even the pictures you thought you really wanted deleted, should I proceed?"
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