[kwlug-disc] Scripting in Linux and unit.d

L.D. Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Sun Jan 8 08:47:15 EST 2012

I'm in for python learning group.  I did a "python bootcamp" course in
the summer which means I have now forgotten how to program in python.
Time to fix that.

On Sun, 2012-01-08 at 03:33 -0500, Bob Jonkman wrote:
> Charles McColm and I were recently bitten by the 
> "We-want-to-be-Python-programmers" bug. On Friday at Ubuntu Hour we met 
> a fellow from London (ON).  Sadly, my memory has lost its parity bits 
> and I don't recall his name. Maybe "Mars" on the Ubuntu IRC channel? 
> Anyway, he's a professional Python programmer, and he said he might be 
> willing to come back to guide some of us newbies towards a life of 
> Pythony goodness.  He suggested we start with Mark Pilgrim's "Dive Into 
> Python" or Zed A. Shaw's "Learn Python The Hard Way".
> Is there interest in learning Python within the ranks of KWLUG?  All we 
> need is a project to work on... The KWPUG  group seems to be defunct, 
> but we can strike out on our own.
> --Bob.
> Dive Into Python http://www.diveintopython.net/
> Learn Python The Hard Way http://learnpythonthehardway.org/
> KWPUG http://kwpug.org
> Ubuntu Canada IRC channel irc://irc.freenode.net/#ubuntu-ca or 
> http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ubuntu-ca
> John Van Ostrand <john at netdirect.ca> wrote:
>     Hi Colon,
>     Scripting in Linux relies heavily on the vast array of programs
>     either directly or indirectly.
>     Bash is the command shell and is commonly used for scripting,
>     especially in system start up. It uses external programs heavily. I
>     usually start with bash and if it proves poor for the task I move to
>     perl by massaging the script.
>     Perl is a very flexible and powerful scripting language and it
>     borrows a lot of syntax from bash, awk and grep. So learning bash
>     helps with perl. It works well for parsing text files.
>     Python seems to be one of the more recently popular scripting. With
>     add-ons it's used for Fedora admin Gui programs. It also handles
>     threading well and has lots of other add-on modules.
>     There are lots of other options but these are the common workhorse
>     apps for system-level scripting.
>     Bash and the common linux commands are worth getting familiar with.
>     Regular expressions are also commonly handy. These are the basics
>     that I findf handy all the time.
>     What are you trying to do?
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>     I'm not a programmer but I do understand some fundamentals and
>     looking to learn some scripting so that I can automate some tasks.
>     What would be a good way to learn this stuff.
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