[kwlug-disc] Scripting in Linux and unit.d

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Sat Jan 7 19:44:43 EST 2012

Hi Colon,

Scripting in Linux relies heavily on the vast array of programs either 
directly or indirectly.

Bash is the command shell and is commonly used for scripting, especially in 
system start up. It uses external programs heavily. I usually start with 
bash and if it proves poor for the task I move to perl by massaging the 

Perl is a very flexible and powerful scripting language and it borrows a lot 
of syntax from bash, awk and grep. So learning bash helps with perl. It 
works well for parsing text files.

Python seems to be one of the more recently popular scripting. With add-ons 
it's used for Fedora admin Gui programs. It also handles threading well and 
has lots of other add-on modules.

There are lots of other options but these are the common workhorse apps for 
system-level scripting.
Bash and the common linux commands are worth getting familiar with. Regular 
expressions are also commonly handy. These are the basics that I findf handy 
all the time.

What are you trying to do?


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I'm not a programmer but I do understand some fundamentals and looking to 
learn some scripting so that I can automate some tasks. What would be a good 
way to learn this stuff.

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