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Thu Feb 2 21:32:07 EST 2012

William Park wrote, On 02/02/2012 10:52 AM:
Chris Irwin wrote, On 02/02/2012 9:55 AM:

>> VMWare did a presentation at KWLug in the past. While it was very nice
>> of them to do so, I wasn't overly impressed with the content. There
>> was very little technical discussion, and no examples or exploration.
>> It was basically a high-level outline of products, and sales-pitches.
>> To me at least, I had the impression it was the same non-technical
>> sales pitch that would be shown to assistant-reads-my-email management
>> folks, rather than the computer savvy people who frequent the group.

I agree with what Chris has said about the nature of what was
presented. I was there, too.

I remember the (kwlug) audience being a bit perturbed by - please hold
your questions to the end.

They (or Cisco, or both?) also did a thing for wwwitpro, at Bingemans.
Different / new content, different range of products (?), but about
the same type of presentation.

I enjoyed both, but I agree it wasn't the technical 'hands on' that
Chris is talking about.

Since then, YouTube has become much more popular - if I think back,
these presentations would have been about the equivalent of watching a
video. Perhaps with some webchat.

> If they are asking us about what "cloud" is, then you can safely
> assume that the talk will be a practice talk before doing in front
> of real paying customers. :-)

Probably not. What we saw was, roughly, the dog and pony show given to
an enterprise's technical people to get them on board to sign on to
management on the purchase of the solution. Customers haven't paid, yet.

Once they've paid, the equivalent for kwlug would be the first morning
of a vmware course in a lab environment. Which I don't think likely.

Which is all only to say, I take Chris' point - not sure I'd want to
drive an hour+ (in the snow, uphill, both ways), either.

I would be glad to go, and gain a handle on vmware's definition of
'cloud', but I'll have about the same expectations as the prior

I am minded of wwitpro's presentation (in a classroom at TriOS) on
SharePoint. Not as professionally 'produced' as vmware, but very well
done. They fielded a lot of rather deep technical questions for a good
long time at the end - clearly they were deep technical experts who
knew their stuff. An excellent night.

Given the cloud topic, a lab / hands on seems unlikely, but the
audience opportunity to dive in with questions would be welcome.

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