[kwlug-disc] Wireless ISP South side of Cambridge

Rob S mr_semantics at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 9 11:54:27 EDT 2012

I am moving to the South side of Cambridge in a couple of weeks.  The
location is out in the country (A search of Beke Road, Cambridge on
Google maps will give you the general location), thus there are no
suitable Cable or DSL options for internet.  I signed up with Bell on
their mobile network, figuring I would just overlook the high cost.
But after reading the terms of service, and the way they have treated
me thus far, I am no longer willing to overlook the price.  If I am
paying that much money, I bloody well better get good service.
Anyway, I am hoping that there is a usable alternative, like maybe a
Wifi ISP?  What say you all?

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