[kwlug-disc] Unity Issues.

Gordon Dey gordon.dey at happydeys.ca
Tue Apr 10 21:21:23 EDT 2012

On 12-04-10 11:13 AM, John Van Ostrand wrote:
> ----- Edited Message -----
> I didn't modify config files, is there even an xorg.conf anymore?

It appears to have been eliminated in favour of automagic detection. 
Check out Xsession and the directory of startup scripts in Xsession.d. 
Also, have a more(1) through /var/log/Xorg.0.log for hints as to what's 
going on.

> I installed the nvidia drivers.

I have done this too for a problematic card; apt-get install 
nvidia-kernel-common. The nvidia control panel is happy to try and 
create an xorg.conf file for me, but largely I'd rather not because it 
makes switching monitors around tedious.

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