[kwlug-disc] Backing up DVDs in Canada

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Fri Sep 16 17:10:16 EDT 2011

Going back to Paul's original question, a clarification:

I read Paul's question as asking about the current situation.
[So, back up your DVD's before any new laws come in?]

Most of the responses have been about the proposed legislation.
(This is not bad, and I'm glad to read it, that's just now how I read 
Paul's question.)

Russell's response below seems to me to be addressing the current 
situation. But might be addressing the proposed situation.

So ... which is what? (current/proposed?)

[And ... if various things are not permitted before/after, what was 
with the whole VCR thing for off-line recording, that, at least, the 
cable companies encouraged / showed in their hookup diagrams. 
Published BY the cable company, itself, even.]

Russell McOrmond wrote, On 09/16/2011 4:36 PM:
> Our copyright has exceptions for backing up of *software* and a private
> copying regime for audio recordings (AKA Music), but not other data
> including but not limited to audio-visual (DVDs).
> In the bus so can't provide links to the act right now, but can if people
> curious.

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 09/16/2011 11:23 AM:
 > What is the legal state of backing up one's DVDs in Canada?
 > What is the legal state of ripping one's DVDs to an XBMC box?
 > I am interested in what the law thinks, not what we believe should be
 > the law.

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