[kwlug-disc] Tuner card suggestions for MythTV

Daniel Gardiner daniel.gardiner at inofas.com
Tue Nov 22 13:10:35 EST 2011

You could try asking on the MythTV mailing list (info at
http://gtalug.org/wiki/Mailing_lists). There may also be some information at
the Digital Home website (http://digitalhome.ca/forum/) although that is not
limited to MythTV.

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Good day LUG members,

I am weaning myself off of cable/satellite and taking my family with me...
perhaps kicking and screaming.  I've found most shows we won't get are
available online (Food Network and HGTV Canada)

Anyway, I'm looking for some standard PCI cards that will tune the local
ATSC OTA channels.  My backend has no PCIe slots, only PCI-X and standard
PCI.  I was hoping to find a dual tuner, but it look like those are all

What do the MythTV OTA users on this group use?

Currently, I have two PVR-150's and a PVR-500 and plan to use the 500 to
continue to grab non ATSC channels.

Does anyone out there dabble in the FTA satellite with Myth?  I know some of
the major US networks + NASA TV is free... and HD?


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