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Colin K colin at void11.com
Wed Nov 16 12:20:12 EST 2011

I agree if we could get a volunteer for this it would be interesting.  I
think a good format would be just showcasing some basics and than the
exceptional things that the different environments do for you.

Rather than a flame war insighting compairison match I think a good format
would just be a dual presentation night where half the talk is Gnome and
the other half be Unity or even in thirds to kindof show off KDE too I've
never really had any interest in KDE because it always struck me as more
unorganized I liked the unified tight concept of Gnome2 but its about time
that you can incorporate a fast expansive search / launcher into every OS.

Mac OSX has had Spotlight KDE i think has a searchbased Launcher Windows 7
has the start menu now(I think they got the idea from the software called
Launchy based off of QuickSilver launcher for macosx). I cant speak enough
praise to the concept of want it type it get it.

Keyword: Write, displayed searchresults = any word processing app you have
available to you and than document results for the word "Write"
That to me is fantastic.  I think it would be even more awesome if it could
poll the inside of documents for their contained text but maybe I'm
dreaming.  The MintMenu is fantastic as you can install packages from it, I
know unity sortof is starting to do this also.  I just think that it would
be nice to see the creator's vision of how its supposed to work in a
youtube video or something so we can just get a good idea because Gnome3 is
so very different to me.  I also like the idea of doing away with the
Desktop space entirely with the launcher when a window closes instead I
hate, Hate, HATE Desktop Clutter.  Yet its always something that happens.
 Sorry for the rant.

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 12:04 PM, Chris Irwin <chris at chrisirwin.ca> wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 23:41, Colin K <colin at void11.com> wrote:
> > The only reason why I like gnome 3 in all reality is the fact that it if
> you
> > press "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R" you start screen recording your desktop to WEBM
> > inside your home directory.  This is pretty much the only thing that
> draws
> > me to gnome 3 the rest is almost too innovative for my liking I have yet
> to
> > see any Decent YouTube videos with any good explanation as to what they
> were
> > thinking.
> Hopefully somebody talks about gnome-shell in an upcoming meeting.
> --
> Chris Irwin
> <chris at chrisirwin.ca>
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