[kwlug-disc] Hello, you great bunch of fellows

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Wed Nov 9 10:24:05 EST 2011

We love that stuff. Computer Recycling will refurbish anything that still has useful life, and it' an OES authorized drop-off site for e-waste so anything truly broken or obsolete is disposed of properly.


"Andrew Kohlsmith (mailing lists account)" <aklists at mixdown.ca> wrote:

>On Tue, Nov 08 11:00:32 PM Bob Jonkman wrote:
>> There were a bunch of PCMCIA Ethernet cards with various dongles at
>> Computer Recycling in  The Working Centre.  No drivers, but there's The
>> Internet for that.  If you can, bring the computer over so you can
>> experiment with various cards and drivers.
>I have a couple of banana boxes filled with various computer bits including P4-
>era motherboard+cpus, power supplies, PS/2 keyboards, etc. It was all working 
>when I took them out of service. Are these things acceptable at the computer 
>recycling centre? I've held on to them because I hate throwing away perfectly 
>functional kit, but I'm also (finally) coming to the realization that I 
>probably will never put them back into good use myself.
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