[kwlug-disc] Hello, you great bunch of fellows

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Tue Nov 8 23:00:32 EST 2011

There were a bunch of PCMCIA Ethernet cards with various dongles at 
Computer Recycling in  The Working Centre.  No drivers, but there's The 
Internet for that.  If you can, bring the computer over so you can 
experiment with various cards and drivers.

Today Charles decided it was Clean Up Day in Computer Recycling.  
Chances are that Win98 vintage Ethernet PCMCIA cards without drivers 
aren't going to make it to the "Stuff We Keep" pile, so come visit 
before the recycler pickup trucks do.


Recursive definitions:

    * Stuff == Junk We Keep
    * Junk == Stuff We Throw Away

On 11-11-08 01:04 PM, Michael Savage wrote:
> Yup, your right, I am asking for something.
> For one of the tenants of SHOW (Supportive Housing Of Waterloo) I have 
> a need for a PCMCIA card and drivers for etherenet, like a D-Link 
> DFE-690-TXD. I have one, but it does not work :(
>  (This only an example, I really don't care what make/model etc.) 
> However the operating system is Windows 98, without USB support... has 
> a CD drive though to use to install the drivers
> If one of you can point me to where I might get such a card, it would 
> greatly appreciated. (Low cost as well, this guy doesn't have much)
> Any ideas on a source?
> Mike
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