[kwlug-disc] Hello, you great bunch of fellows

Michael Savage msavage at golden.net
Tue Nov 8 13:04:31 EST 2011

Yup, your right, I am asking for something.

For one of the tenants of SHOW (Supportive Housing Of Waterloo) I have a 
need for a PCMCIA card and drivers for etherenet, like a D-Link 
DFE-690-TXD. I have one, but it does not work :(

  (This only an example, I really don't care what make/model etc.) 
However the operating system is Windows 98, without USB support... has a 
CD drive though to use to install the drivers

If one of you can point me to where I might get such a card, it would 
greatly appreciated. (Low cost as well, this guy doesn't have much)

Any ideas on a source?

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