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Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
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I have been a Linux Mint user for the past few years. Recently with my newest computer I went for the Debian Edition LMDE which is a rolling release.
I just love it. Stable and nice looking. It is based on Debian test, this means some packages are not the latest but stable, none the less.
The patching is as current as Debian.
When I was using the main edition, I was also very happy, releases have a delay of a couple of months from Ubuntu releases. the only reason I changedto LMDE was to avoid reinstalling every now and then and stil be current. (I was skipping at least one release each time)
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I'm considering moving away from Ubuntu because I really
don't like the Unity interface and the panel refuses to move
to my main monitor...etc.  I'm looking at Linux Mint.  Anyone
else using this distro regularly?  I'm looking for something to
use at work.  Is the patching kept up to date, does anyone

Thanks!!  Oksana


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