[kwlug-disc] Add swap space while a centos server is live.

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Nov 2 13:20:25 EDT 2011

So don't blow it away, just turn it off. Give yourself time to 
evaluate any impact. Just make sure you don't kill your access to the 
box in the process. Given what you said, it sounds like there is at 
least one thing you can turn off, if not everything.

If you have ssh access too, then turn it (Apache) off, see what 
happens. You can turn it back on via ssh if that turns out to be a bad 

Colin K wrote, On 11/02/2011 12:06 PM:
> Apache came with the preconfigured image of this server I've been afraid to
> remove it but I guess your right just blow it off I should be fine.

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