[kwlug-disc] Basement Blowout

Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Mon May 30 22:30:28 EDT 2011

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 04:53:57PM -0400, Steven Blatchford wrote:
> Here are the beginnings of my list -- http://goo.gl/RRxMH  Feel free to
> pass the URL to anyone you think might possibly be interested.  If

I'm interested in one of the 24-port Nortel Baystack switches (oh no,
the vicious cycle starts again!)

Do you have any prices set?

I will be at the social night next week.  

I might have a few things of my own to post. (Boxes I didn't touch last
time, and some more stuff from family).  I'll follow the same format
you have set forward and put it in a spreadsheet. This should be
Thursday with luck.

> anyone wants anything, I can come to the next meeting on June 6;
> otherwise email me off-list to arrange pickup.

> Was there a taker for the ATA-33/66 cables?

I do remember somebody mentioning that these are all the rage for
electronics guys who use them as for wires and such. If nobody takes
them, find somebody who is a member of the local hacklab (Kwartzlab?)
and hand them off. They would probably be used there.

Chris Irwin
e:  chris at chrisirwin.ca
w: http://chrisirwin.ca
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