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This came in to my e-mail. If you are interested in one of these jobs
you can contact Cynthia directly. 

- Paul

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I am a Recruiter based in Waterloo. We have a few opportunities for
System Consultants and Application Analysts (Linux)

Could you recommend anyone you know of who may be a potential
candidate for these Waterloo based jobs?  Or is there spot you would
suggest I should post the following?

Thanks for reading this!


> Opportunity
> Our client is a solution provider and value added reseller of IBM
> servers, storage products, and a reseller of various other industry
> leading technologies, with a focus on open source solutions based on
> Linux.


> This is a position that provides a wide range of variety and is
> perfect for someone with diverse information technology interests and
> talent specifying, integrating and supporting solutions.


> Responsibilities

> * Administering customer systems remotely. Typical systems perform
> domain control, file/printer sharing, email, spam filtering, web
> applications, proxy, network services, legacy applications, VoIP,
> backup, firewalling, VPN and other functions. The desktop PCs that
> attach to these networks also require administration. Typically these
> are Windows PCs.

> * Manage projects integrating or replacing servers, storage systems,
> blade servers and VoIP systems. We have large numbers of IBM blade
> servers and IBM 3850 and 3550 systems at an international customer
> that we support. Assisting the customer in bulk configuration of
> systems and performing on-going problem determination. Some projects
> will be internal, research on solutions for customers.


> * Maintain a wide variety of vendor certifications such as IBM System
> x, NetApp, Cisco, Red Hat and others.

> * Hardware problem resolution to a component level is required

> * Attending sales meetings to understand the customer's needs and
> respond by identifying suitable solutions.

> Qualifications

> * Strong understanding of Linux and open source software. Linux
> problem resolution skills, system administration skills and a broad
> range of skills working with common open source software packages like
> apache, sendmail, postfix, bind, dhcp, samba, openldap, spamassasin,
> iptables, kvm/qemu and many others.

> * 5+ years of experience working with Linux.

> * Scripting in bash, php and perl is essential as is familiarity with
> c, revision control, make and building packages.

> * Experience integrating computer components, updating firmware and
> configuring hardware is needed.

> * An understanding and experience with direct attached, network
> attached and SAN attached storage systems is required.

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