[kwlug-disc] Ubunbtu 11.04 : Source Code Editors

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Sun May 15 00:08:57 EDT 2011

Glenn Henshaw wrote, On 05/14/2011 9:35 PM:
> On 2011-05-14, at 9:24 PM, John Johnson wrote:
>> And here it goes:
>> Can the list recommend a good source code editor for Linux/Ubuntu?
>> with:
>> - similar to Notepad++ 
>> - colour syntax highlighting for most source code
>> - colour highlighting for nested parentheses
>> - colour highlighting for different styles of parentheses
>> - etc
>> - and that does not require tweaking of ini or similar files
>> I know of: nano vi vim gedit but am not fluent with any of these tools.
>> Vim is ok but (IMO) remains clunky .
>   Geany?

kate? kwrite? (Teasing.)

Don't have any answers for you, but a few thoughts.

- you might want to investigate samba if you haven't already. No 
reason, in the meantime, to not be using our favourite windows editor, 
if that's what you're most comfortable with. Edit files residing in 
linux on win using notepad++.

- you may do well to get yourself into a source control system sooner 
rather than later. You well know about them, and if you force yourself 
through that learning curve now it may become second nature to you 
such that you always start everything within an scs from day one.

   - last conversation on this in the list, as I remember it, and not 
to start flamewars either, the two favourites are git (now by a large 
margin?), and subversion (given cvs compatibility, and if what you're 
leeching from is using it).

   - so, as you consider editors and features, scs interoperability 
may be a selling point.

- are you ready for a 'php development environment'? Not that you're 
not there already, but writing code is but a part of an ecosystem. 
What are other php developers using?

- or to put it another way, is it time for you to move into an ide / 
ecosystem? Which presumably includes editing, source control, 
publishing, debugging, and so on and so forth? The last time this came 
up in the list, I don't believe there were clear favourites or many 
suggestions / answers. Eclipse is tickling my memory, though.

vi, or vim now, I guess ... pretty startling what one remembers from 
so long ago ...

Good luck in your quest.

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