[kwlug-disc] Grep on Ubuntu 11.04 (aka The Natty Narwhal)

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Fri May 6 23:32:33 EDT 2011

What happened to my old friend: grep on Grep on Ubuntu 11.04 (aka The 
Natty Narwhal)?
Grep on Ubuntu gives me all text matching and not matching - with 
matches in red.
I could not find a switch that gives me only matching lines.

As we all know *ix is case sensitive and Win** is not.
On the website I had some image files with uppercase chars in the 
filename and lowercase filenames in the HTML.
Needing to fix this, I started to work on a sh script to with:
ls | grep [A-Z]

intending to expand to

ls | grep [A-Z] > rename.sh

This failed when the grep gave me all filenames - matching and not matching.
The Google was no help.

I went back to using a command line grep on Win** and doing the file 
rename with a BAT file.

Tx: JohnJ

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