[kwlug-disc] Wikileaks and C-32

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I'm reminded of Jean Cretian's stance against sending combat troops to Iraq. 
I'd be proud of a government that expresses our sovereignty.

Although rebuffing the US on an issue does mean we lose a bargaining point 
it probably won't be met with a strong reaction. They need our materials and 
if they choose to suffer without them the Chinese are always in the market. 
We have more than one customer.

If anything it's a decision to be moral instead of "rolling over" and taking 
the money.

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For those of us who don't follow Russell's blog: apparently there is a
new batch of Wikileaks cables that confirm our suspicions: the US
pressured Canada to pass copyright legislation that contained the
digital locks sections we love so much:


I found the following talking-points memo interesting. From

" - As we have previously shared, the USG believes that
effective copyright legislation accounting for modern and
changing technology would include:
       - Prohibition of both manufacturing and trafficking of
technological protection measure (TPM) circumvention devices;
       - Prohibition of circumvention of TPMs that control
access to works ("access controls");
       - Deterrent penalties against unauthorized
circumvention -- both civil and criminal;
       - If there are any exceptions to TPM or rights
management information (RMI) liability, the exceptions should
be clearly enumerated and sufficiently limited;
       - Overall the bill should strengthen the current level
of copyright protection and enforcement in Canada.

Whoever forms the next government will have to deal with this issue
again, and these cables suggest that the DRM restrictions will remain.
If we don't appease the US then bad things tend to happen.


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