[kwlug-disc] Asking questions of candidates during the election.

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Wed Mar 30 19:12:01 EDT 2011

Russell McOrmond wrote, On 03/30/2011 5:52 PM:
> (Copying to the Canada-wide DCC and the KWLug discussion forums.  Hope
> cross-posting won't cause a problem.)
> Example Electoral District:  The Kitchener-Waterloo
> Incumbent is Peter Braid, one of the MPs who attended every one of the
> 20 meetings of the special legislative committee on C-32.  He wasn't
> the most visible, vocal or most controversial member (within his party
> or within the committee), but within his questions to MPs you could
> see he had a unique perspective.

Russell - sorry to put you in this position, but is it your impression 
that Peter Braid tended towards the FOSS perspective, or not?

> Please do *NOT* get distracted by the national
> campaign and believe this is about Conservatives vs Liberals.


Although your comment may be true for the particular Copyright issue, 
there's more than just that riding on our choice of candidate. Sadly, 
this fuzzes up the choosing criteria.

Particularly if, as I believe, the next parliament will again be a 
minority, and our choice is effectively choosing which party will form 
the government.

> Let them know that while young voters haven't tended
> to vote, young people are very interested in technology issues.

Russell - do you happen to know that this is actually true in the K-W 
riding? The University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University are 
here, as well as Conestoga College. (Waterloo's population grows quite 
significantly come September.) I thought young people here voted quite 
vigorously, but that's an impression, not a researched factual statement.

Thanks for pointing this (next below) out, good to know and have to hand:
>   Mr Braid has seen my "4 things in my hand" presentation, so has been
> introduced to the idea that there are potentially 4 owners to consider
> in digital copyright legislation.  He will hopefully understand what
> someone from his constituency would mean if they asked how he would
> work to protect all owners implicated by digital copyright legislation
> (I would be very interested to know if that is true, and whether he
> understood the issue!)

>  Hope this is helpful

Absolutely. Thank you so much for the post.

I have a feeling ... the means to an end, or rather, the means that 
were effective in actually getting you to the desired end, are seldom 
the same for any two issues, and only self-evident after the fact.

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