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Sun Mar 27 01:59:31 EDT 2011

Bob Jonkman wrote, On 03/26/2011 7:12 PM:
> Is this tiddlywiki online?  Or in your private, proprietary, top-secret 
> lair?

tiddlywiki starts at http://www.tiddlywiki.com, quickly descends to 
http://www.tiddlywiki.org/wiki, which is being transitioned to 
http://tiddlywiki.tiddlyspace.com/, and just goes downhill from there 
(in terms of collected / coherent documentation.) However: 
http://groups.google.com/group/tiddlywiki has turned out to be an 
excellent resource, almost, but not quite, on par with kwlug-disc.

As for this particular tw, it's been in existence for approximately 3 
days - so there's virtually nothing in it yet. It is most certainly 
private, proprietary, evidently not top-secret any more [THANKS BOB!], 
and I most definitely wouldn't want it to ever see the light of anyone 
else's day. Immediate cessation of life would occur due to 
embarrassment. (That there's all sorts of other things in there 
besides kwlug {gasp!}, including some windows debugging {WOE!} notes 
from some place call kwwa {SACRILEGE!}, has absolutely nothing to do 
with it. {BURN HIM, BURN HIM!})

The idea of a giant electronic post it note holder, which is one way 
to think of tiddlywiki, seems to lend itself to just trying to corral 
the disparate bits of useful information that could be usefully 
referenced later. In some ways this could be equated to browser 
bookmarks. Some e.g.'s: kubuntu forum, ssh, virus, shorewall, 
firewall, iptables, gargoyle, icanprogram, pocketguide, serverguide, 
intro-linux, openldap, samba.

- a point being, for me at the time, at least capture the 'stuff', 
without having to worry about wiki syntax or the wiki's structure.

I expect, somewhere down the road, there will be a problem of how to 
organize the disparate bits into some sort of coherent whole - but 
that's for another day. At least, hopefully, all the bits will be in 
but one location.

> On 2011-03-26 at 19:11:19  unsolicited wrote:
>> And ... thanks to John K. ... a tiddlywiki installed to put all the 
>> excellent disparate bits of information kwlug presents into!
>> Oksana Goertzen wrote, On 03/25/2011 10:44 AM:
>>> The one I've used that I like the best is "A Practical Guide to Linux -
>>> Commands, Editors and Shell Programming" by Sobell.  I also have
>>> a Pocket Guide to Linux by O'Reilly Press which is useful.
>>> On 24 March 2011 01:40, Paul Nijjar <paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca> wrote:
>>>> I am helping somebody who is new to Linux. He is going to be moving
>>>> to a land where Internet access is spotty, but he wants to become
>>>> comfortable with his Ubuntu system (including administration) while he
>>>> is there. He asked me to recommend some books to him.
>>>> I always struggle with this question. I have not yet found a good book
>>>> for new Linux users that gets into the nontrivial practical advice
>>>> that is useful for taking care of a desktop Linux system.
>>>> I would imagine such a book would contain:
>>>> - Some information about becoming root
>>>> - Some information about editing files on the command line
>>>> - Some information about navigating the command line
>>>> - Some information about "where to find things" on an Ubuntu system
>>>> - Some information about how to get around in the GUI
>>>> It would be well-written, easy for beginners to start following, and
>>>> helpful for getting over the learning curve.
>>>> Any suggestions? I think "books" can consist of dead tree materials or
>>>> stuff he can download and read offline.
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