[kwlug-disc] Linux books in 2011

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Thu Mar 24 01:40:33 EDT 2011

I am helping somebody who is new to Linux. He is going to be moving
to a land where Internet access is spotty, but he wants to become
comfortable with his Ubuntu system (including administration) while he
is there. He asked me to recommend some books to him. 

I always struggle with this question. I have not yet found a good book
for new Linux users that gets into the nontrivial practical advice
that is useful for taking care of a desktop Linux system. 

I would imagine such a book would contain: 
- Some information about becoming root
- Some information about editing files on the command line
- Some information about navigating the command line
- Some information about "where to find things" on an Ubuntu system
- Some information about how to get around in the GUI

It would be well-written, easy for beginners to start following, and
helpful for getting over the learning curve. 

Any suggestions? I think "books" can consist of dead tree materials or
stuff he can download and read offline. 

- Paul 


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