[kwlug-disc] FF Queue remains bumped? Re: [kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Firebug, Clutter, LVM

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Mar 6 00:04:42 EST 2011

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 03/05/2011 4:24 AM:
> ... The LibreOffice
> project -- a fork/spin off from OpenOffice.org not under Oracle's
> control -- held a challenge (http://challenge.documentfoundation.org/)
> to fund raise 50,000 Euros in 33 days so they could establish The
> Document Foundation in Germany. By popular demand, KWLUG chose this
> product as its March FLOSS Fund nominee, and even though the Document
> Foundation met its funding goal in eight days, they are still
> collecting funds to cover development, infrastructure and operating
> costs.  I am sure they would appreciate your allowance to help them
> keep LibreOffice strong ...


So why did the original poster of the floss fund change request not 
post that news (8 days) to the list?

There is and was some understandable controversy regarding bumping the 

However, the reason for granting the bump request, time urgency, has 
been satisfied.

Is it not then reasonable to return the queue to its original order, 
respecting those who made the original requests?

Or to at least have discussed it?

I can appreciate the irritation that having to discuss the issue, 
again, would have caused, and that approval to bump was received from 
those already in queue, but it's curious that no mention was posted to 
this list.

I am of no strong opinion, to leave the bump in, or to restore the 
original order - I am content to go with whatever the majority 
decides. The lack of notification, however, ...

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