[kwlug-disc] VPS hosting providers

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Tue Mar 1 14:05:29 EST 2011

Dreamhost I think is US based and I've not found them suitable for 
important stuff.  They are frequently (like all the time) dead slow and 
unresponsive.  I think I paid $6 for my first year with them, unlimited 
hosting, so not surprising.  I use them, but only for my junk sites, or 
sites that are basically parked.

There was a conversation on the list last year about this, with a number 
of names mentioned.  Bluefur I think was one.  You may want to check the 
archives for this list.

I personally use prioritycolo out of toronto and can vouch for them.  
One young guy  but who's crazy knowledgeable.  Probably not 24/7 support 
live, but their support is strong. I've got my colo with them which is 
the majority of my business, and they're pretty much always up and 
fast.  His infrastructure is overkill, and they're at 151 front street, 
which is one of the main centers of the internet in Canada.

You may also consider ccjclearline.com.  That's Cedric, who's a member 
on this list.  His hosting is local (waterloo) and inexpensive.  Support 
is knowledgeable.  I'm not familiar enough with his services to suggest 
whether he's got plans that'll suit you or not, but I've got a project 
I'm hosting with him right now and I'm pleased to date.

On 01/03/11 12:40 PM, Eric Gerlach wrote:
> I've been with Dreamhost for shared hosting and Linode for VPS.  If
> all you need is FTP, I'd consider Dreamhost.  Relatively cheap, and
> *lots* of storage and bandwidth.
> Cheers,
> Eric
> On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 12:36 PM, Jon L<jdtech at rogers.com>  wrote:
>> Hi All
>> We are currently looking to switch providers of our hosting.  Does anyone
>> have some recommendation of providers they are currently using that have
>> good Virtual Private Servers and bang for the buck.
>> Preferably a Canadian hosting company.  Not mandatory but would like to
>> support the local economy, Canadian companies.
>> Our needs are strictly for FTP usage at this point.
>> Requirements in order of importance
>> - Reliable
>> - Cost Effective
>> - 24/7 - Support  Responsive/knowledgeable
>> - Minimum 20GB of space
>> - Minimum 500GB/mth
>> Thanks
>> -Jon
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