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Fernando Duran liberosec at yahoo.ca
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Given the myriad of options for web hosting, doing it off an office is pretty crazy. You don't want to run a data centre, specially if you are new to the business. Basically it will be very hard to either offer any reliability (SLA) or to make any money after investments in hardware, redundant network pipes, security etc.

For hosting in data centres there are many options, I'd classify them from easier/less margin to more complicated/more margin in:

a) just reselling from a web hosting company, they provide all control panels, billing software etc. Ten years ago I could have mentioned a couple of companies in this field, I don't know of any now. This is the easiest and perhaps best way for a new "web hosting business". As downside they may not provide exactly what you want.

b) using VPS' from cloud providers like Rackspace, Amazon etc. Here you have to develop or buy control panel, install software and general Linux sysadmin. To me this is a default option in many cases. A b1) option is to renting dedicated server, from vendors like serverbeach etc, the same idea as VPS' but having dedicated servers.

d) co-locating your own servers etc in a data centre like Waterloo Data Fortress, this starts being attractive only if you have many customers or they require high-end machines. 


Fernando Duran

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> I got a request from some people for some advice on how to
> host a
> professional webserver. I think they are getting into a
> webhosting
> business, but I am not sure. They were thinking of hosting
> their
> servers from an office with a business internet connection
> (which has
> limited uplink capacity).
> I don't know much about this area so I was not able to give
> them any
> good advice beyond muttering "colocation". But I know that
> some of you
> know all about this stuff. Would any of you be willing to
> answer some
> of their questions via e-mail?
> Yes, we can also have a discussion about this on the list,
> but in this
> case I think getting them e-mail buddies could be helpful.
> Yes, this could be an idea for a presentation, but given
> that the next
> open slot is in January they might want answers before
> then. (Feel
> free to volunteer a presentation, though.) 
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