[kwlug-disc] Webserver hosting advice

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Sat Jun 11 19:20:24 EDT 2011

Many web designers resell packages from hosters who offer bulk discounts 
which really become protected pricing for the web designer.

If they truly want to host they have to choose the level of service they 
want to provide. They could put a linux box on a business access account but 
there isn't redundancy. That's fine for small customers but some may want 
more. Consider the costs of UPS, monthly power, depreciation on the server, 
space and admin costs.

The IAAS method is to get a VM from a provider like Google. It's still not 
fully redundant but the internet should be more reliable than a DSL line. 
Add a high availability storage service and another VM in a different zone 
and they would have more redundancy. Finally add a load balancer and they 
have horizontal scalability and lots of redundancy.

There will always be some amount of admin. The bulk hoster method has the 
least. They would only admin the service via a web interface. IAAS 
eliminates the need to deal with hardware issues but load balancing adds 
additional admin.

Then they need to consider providing a web panel so customers can admin 
their service. There are some FLOSS packages and proprietary.

Finally there may be ancillary services like dns, email, mysql, etc that 
they need to set up and admin.

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I got a request from some people for some advice on how to host a
professional webserver. I think they are getting into a webhosting
business, but I am not sure. They were thinking of hosting their
servers from an office with a business internet connection (which has
limited uplink capacity).

I don't know much about this area so I was not able to give them any
good advice beyond muttering "colocation". But I know that some of you
know all about this stuff. Would any of you be willing to answer some
of their questions via e-mail?

Yes, we can also have a discussion about this on the list, but in this
case I think getting them e-mail buddies could be helpful.

Yes, this could be an idea for a presentation, but given that the next
open slot is in January they might want answers before then. (Feel
free to volunteer a presentation, though.)

- Paul


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