[kwlug-disc] Webserver hosting advice

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Jun 11 15:57:55 EDT 2011

I got a request from some people for some advice on how to host a
professional webserver. I think they are getting into a webhosting
business, but I am not sure. They were thinking of hosting their
servers from an office with a business internet connection (which has
limited uplink capacity).

I don't know much about this area so I was not able to give them any
good advice beyond muttering "colocation". But I know that some of you
know all about this stuff. Would any of you be willing to answer some
of their questions via e-mail?

Yes, we can also have a discussion about this on the list, but in this
case I think getting them e-mail buddies could be helpful.

Yes, this could be an idea for a presentation, but given that the next
open slot is in January they might want answers before then. (Feel
free to volunteer a presentation, though.) 

- Paul


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