[kwlug-disc] Local ISP No Limits and No Usage Charges (Oksana Goertzen)

William Park opengeometry at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 9 15:02:25 EDT 2011

Same here.  I used have Rogers Cable Internet, but switched to Teksavvy Cable Internet and I have no complaint.  I'm still with Rogers Home Phone, because saving with Teksavvy is not that much.


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>Remind me please ... why switch from TekSavvy? Moved? UBB? Switched from Bell phone?
>They (actually, both) seem well regarded here. Curious, as I hope to switch off Rogers whenever I get around to moving, so I try to keep my ear to the ground with respect to ISPs. I'm too far from the C.O., in the mean time, though.
>I sent a couple questions off to TekSavvy not long ago, based on comments in this thread. AFAICT - they'd be ~$10/month cheaper than Rogers, but ~$100 hit upon signup (admin fee + modem purchase).
>1. If you currently have TV cable service through Rogers, adding cable internet service through us will not affect it in anyway.
>2. Currently we are subject to Rogers traffic shaping over their network. This applies to the network over all to avoid congestion. Saying that we are not aware of any specific traffic throttling such as torrents or P2P file sharing software at this time. We also do not block any ports for our service, even though Rogers blocks certain ports on their network.
>Eric Gerlach wrote, On 06/09/2011 11:28 AM:
>> Yeah, I was switching from TekSavvy on the internet side, so I was
>> apologizing the whole way to them.  Same to Primus on the phone side,
>> I liked them too (they would email me a notification of new voicemail.
>>  Haven't figured out if I can do that on EyeSurf yet).
>> On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 10:26 AM, Pete Dixon <dixonpete at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I've had Eyesurf since the beginning of the year for both phone and Internet
>>> and just love the service. It's been exactly as advertised. Much cheaper,
>>> better service and better features than Bell.
>>> hightlights:
>>> no downloads limits
>>> no throttling
>>> all the phone features
>>> unlimited free long distance in Canada
>>> regular POTS phone line, indistinguishable from Bell quality
>>> Hard to beat all that. The Bell loyalty dept basically had a stroke when I
>>> told them about the deal.
>>>> Are you still happy with your service on EyeSurf?  I've had a few other
>>>> people at work inquiring about isp options.
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