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Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Wed Jun 8 14:48:56 EDT 2011

There were a few people that were asking questions about the tablet I had
with me on monday. It is a "Barnes & Noble NookColor", from the book chain
of the same name south of the border. It is marketed, and functions, as an

They have several devices, but this one in particular has a regular colour
LCD screen (as opposed to e-ink on the others) which makes it suitable for
use as a plain-old tablet. The device actually runs android out of the box,
but is a very customized interface geared toward buying their ebooks (which
you can't do in Canada anyway). There are a few options to run a "plain"
android build on it, turning it in to a relatively inexpensive tablet when
compared to some of the alternatives.

The simplest option (where I started) is called NookieFroyo. This is a build
of Android 2.2 that you install (dd) on a microSD card. The NookColor boots
from SD first, so this is a great way to get your feet wet without flashing
the device. Pull the card out and you're running the original firmware.


<http://nookdevs.com/NookColor:_Nookie_Froyo>Running from MicroSD tends to
be slow, so when looking to flash it to the internal memory I came across
another firmware, CyanogenMod. This is a build of Android 2.3 designed as
a permanent replacement for the stock firmware. I've been running this for a
few months without any issues.


Chris Irwin
<chris at chrisirwin.ca>
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