[kwlug-disc] Cable ISP? (Was: Re: Local ISP No Limits and No Usage Charges)

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat Jun 4 11:36:38 EDT 2011

Eric Gerlach wrote, On 06/03/2011 10:22 PM:
> On Jun 3, 2011 9:56 PM, "unsolicited" <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
> I'm on Eyesurf, which is what I was asked to comment on. They don't have a
> cable service.

Yep. Oops. My bad. Thanks for pointing that out. (Cable is teksavvy, 
not EyeSurf.)

> Eyesurf uses the Fibernetics backbone, and it bypasses the Bell DSLAM as
> well. No MLPPP required.

Good to know, thanks.

This thread has made me curious about cable internet from non-Rogers. 
(teksavvy's pages confirm for me, again, I'm too far from CO for 
decent service.)

Poking around, I discover (thus far):

- teksavvy
- acanac.ca
- itcp.ca

Anyone have any comments on cable internet service with these firms?

- when did non-Roger's cable internet become available???
- loss of Roger's cable tv in process?
- immune from Roger's traffic shaping?
- blocked ports? (one site notes some ports blocked, but not 80 and 
25. Which doesn't tell me a whole lot.)

In common, it seems, 300GB limit (unlimited available), 10Mbps, about 
$10 less than Rogers (Express/60GB), but ~$100 in initial fees (setup 
+ modem purchase).

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