[kwlug-disc] Basement Blowout

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Speaking of server racks...

Does anyone actually *have* a server rack they don't want?

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Yes, I'll be hauling surplus to Computer Recycling after the meeting is 
over.  Except for anyone who brings an 8ft server rack; you'll be on 
your own.

Apologies for getting no response from cr at theworkingcentre.org; we had a 
bit of a basement blowout ourselves on Monday morning and may have been 
a bit swamped.


On 2011-06-01 at 00:33:54  Steven Blatchford wrote:
>> Computer Recycling at The Working Centre is an OES refurbisher, which
>> >means we can take whatever leftovers you have and either use them or
>> >send them downstream.
>> >
>> >http://www.theworkingcentre.org/at/comp_recycling/donations/donations.html
> I emailedcr at theworkingcentre.org  on Saturday at 2:17pm and haven't
> heard back.  Can I bring the parts which people do not want to the July
> meeting?
> -steve

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