[kwlug-disc] Basement Blowout

Steven Blatchford sblatchford at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 10:49:33 EDT 2011

On 00:35 Wed 01 Jun, Bob Jonkman wrote:
>Yes, I'll be hauling surplus to Computer Recycling after the meeting
>is over.  Except for anyone who brings an 8ft server rack; you'll be
>on your own.
haha  :)

My plan is to bring the stuff people want to the June meeting.  I assume
there will be people at the meeting who aren't on this mailing list.  I
can give them the url.  As well I will be adding more items to the
spreadsheet, later today and more yet on Sunday.

I'll post the rack on kijiji as well as the parts.  Whatever I do not
get rid of I will bring to the July meeting.

>Apologies for getting no response from cr at theworkingcentre.org; we
>had a bit of a basement blowout ourselves on Monday morning and may
>have been a bit swamped.
Yeah Paul filled me in a bit, no worries.


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