[kwlug-disc] Whats some good Sip providers.

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Jul 19 17:11:41 EDT 2011

Others will chime in, but the two best regarded at the moment are 
http://voip.ms/, only recently, barely, and perhaps not even, edging 
out http://www.unlimitel.ca/temp/ (recently bought out by ... 
somebody, I forget.)

Other top contenders are http://eyesurf.net/ and IIRC teksavvy (but I 
forget for sure, but it was an ISP) http://teksavvy.com/en/default.asp.

At the least, eyesurf and teksavvy are much like bell / rogers home 
phone, probably with more.

unlimitel is roll your own. voip.ms is attractive because it's 
'asterisk in the clouds', but both of these are well regarded in 
working with your home voip / asterisk / free<something> systems.

Others just plug unlimitel into their SPA device and get on with their 

Colin K wrote, On 07/19/2011 4:09 PM:
> I'm new to actually using this mailing list so hopefully this works out ok.
>  Its Colin from the Lug's I'm the guy with the android phone allways trying
> to make it work long enough to record the meetings...
> I need to tell bell to stuff it for my phone plan because they are charging
> me like 60$ a month for my phone portion of my bill so I'm planning on
> dropping my phone side of the bill and just stick with my data package for
> the rest of my contract and the Nexus S supports SIP natively via
> Gingerbread.  I don't much care for texting but wouldn't mind being able to
> still do that.  Any ideas or tips/tricks to be able to do this would be
> fantastic.
> Keep in mind I have no idea how to set up voip and I keep missing meetings
> that actually teach us how to set them up but demo's of awesome software to
> do so with keep popping up.

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