[kwlug-disc] KPL survey and ebooks

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Jul 27 16:38:44 EDT 2011

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 07/27/2011 1:53 PM:
> So the Kitchener Public Library is running a usage/satisfaction survey
> here: 
> http://somethingwonderfulisabouttohappen.com 
> In addition to offering the suggested feedback I sent KPL a gentle
> reminder that their eBooks are DRM-laden, and in addition that (as far
> as I know) I cannot use a Linux computer to read these books or
> transfer them to a mobile device, because the required software
> (OverDrive Media Console and/or Adobe Digital Editions) are not
> available for my operating system. As a regular user of the KPL, it
> distresses me that I am locked out of their digital content. 
> I won't go so far as to suggest other concerned Linux users do the
> same, but I expect that one lone voice in their feedback survey will
> be ignored. 

Hmmm. Libraries are supposed to be (essentially) free, right?

So, to use the content, you now must purchase very / more expensive 
proprietary devices to make use of that content?


I suspect mentioning Linux specifically may be useful, as well as 
creative commons. How else can they know the size of the 'market' that 
can't use their services? (As is not the point of providing services 
is so people can use them?)

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